Surplus New Wartsila 8L20 1600kw 1000rpm Marine Engines 2009 x 4


 Warsila  8L20  1600KW 1000RPM IFO/MDO

Counter-clockwise from driving end

Consumption:191 g/kwh at 85% load with 5% tolerance

Classed:  'ABS'

IMO: 'Tier-I'


All engines are brand new and available ex-Warehouse directly from Wartsila in Finland

where they have been stored under the direct care of the manufacturer since Factory

Acceptance Tests.


Total 4 Engines and 1 set of associated ancillaries, 1 set of tools and 1 set of makers

standard spares as well as lifting tool and transportation protection and foundations.


These engines are brand new having been intended for use on a project that did not

materialise as expected.  -  They are available prompt ex Finland.



Full listing as follows:-


Main Engines:


-       4 pieces, Main engines with serial numbers PAAE120737, PAAE120738, PAAE120739

    and PAAE120740.




  1. Fuel oil system:


-       1 piece, Suction strainer (MDF).

-       2 pieces, Circulation pump (MDF).

-       2 pieces, Safety filter (HFO)


  1. Cooling water system:


-       2 pieces, Pre-heating unit (Thermal oil heated).


  1. Combustion air and exhaust gas system:


-       1 piece, Turbo charger cleaning device.

-       4 pieces, Connection piece

-       4 pieces, Exhaust gas bellows.


  1. Control and monitoring systems:


-       4 pieces, Power unit.


  1. Foundation:


-       4 set, Flexible pipe connections.

-       1 spare set, Flexible pipe connections.

-       4 set, Foundation bolts.

-       4 set, Flexible mounts.


  1. Power transmission:


-       2 pieces, Flexible couplings/bolts NB. These may not be suitable for the Buyers depending

    on their application so may be retained if not required by Buyers


  1. Tools and spare parts:


-       1 set, Tools (Engine).

-       1 set, Spare parts (Engine).


  1. Packing and transportation:


-       1 piece, Lifting tool set

-       4 pieces, Transport foundation.


  1. Documentation:

-       3 piece O&M manuals (Wartsila 20)

-       3 piece Spare Parts Catalogue

-       1 Piece ELDOC 2i (electronic documentation on CD)


A full list of the tools and spares can be provided if requested.