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Disposable fire extingushier

 The company has been established since 1991. Now it has developed a disposable. Water-based fire extinguisher. It is used for household/vehicle fires . It is small in size and easy to carry. The effect is remarkable when the flames first start.

Simple foam fire extinguisher, small in size, easy to carry and does not occupy an effective place, has good insulation performance, fire extinguishing function: it can be used to extinguish: Class A fire (common solid material fire), Class B fire (combustible liquid fire), Class C Fire (gas and vapor fire), Class E fire (charged substance fire), etc. It is suitable for carrying and using in various types of vehicles, which is convenient and safe.

 This product is a simple fire extinguisher with film foam fire extinguishing agent inside. It is non-toxic, tasteless, non-corrosive, pollution-free and secondary pollution. It can be 100% biodegradable and does not need special cleaning after use. It is ideal for vehicles, ships, households, Ideal fire equipment for hotels, offices and shopping malls. This product can quickly extinguish the initial fires of Class A and Class B, as well as general electrical equipment fires. The fire extinguishing distance is not less than 1 meter. It has the characteristics of rapid fire extinguishing, cooling and anti-resurgence. This product adopts a binary packaging spray tank, which can be sprayed at any position at 360 degrees. The driving gas is nitrogen, which is not sprayed out with the fire extinguisher. It is a replacement product that meets the requirements of the International Montreal Protocol for the protection of the atmospheric ozone layer. The product is divided into 500ML and 1000ML. at the beginning.

High quality and low price. Can accept customer pattern printed bottle body. It is and Promotion gift. Gift. Disaster prevention education. Wholesale and retail.

The product is non-flammable, non-explosive, safe and reliable in use, storage and transportation. When using it, it is 2-3 meters away from the flame, remove the insurance, aim the nozzle at the heel of the flame or the tangential direction of the oil surface, and press the button. Just scan. The operation is very convenient.

Once the fire extinguisher is opened, it must not be reused and refilled. When discarding after use, puncture the tank first to let the preset gas release.


1. Press down on the rear edge of the cap to open the safety cap;

2. Press the yellow button;

3. Spray fire from a place 1.5m-2m away from the fire source

Effective injection time: ≥8s Operating temperature: -20~+55℃ propultion  gas: Nitrogen 1.0MPa (20°C) Electrical insulation performance: ≤36kV